Monday, October 27, 2014

2014 Trip to the US - The Wedding!

The big day! October 4, 2014!

My little brother got married! 

Rumor has it, according to my mom, way back in 2005 when I got engaged, my brother supposedly said something along the lines of "Well it's about time. An almost 30 year old woman should be married by now."

Well now it's my turn. Scott, my little brother, I'm glad you waited till you were 34 to get married because it means you waited for the girl of your dreams. We love Rachael! I'm so excited to have her as part of our family now! You definitely married up, little bro. ;)

The wedding was held at the Arizona Grand Resort, on the golf course surrounded by a running creek and little waterfall. 

Since I was in the wedding, all of the pictures from this day are from my Mom (on my G16) or Dad (on his Canon sx50).

 Scott and his guys (photo by Dad)

 Rachael and her girls (photo by Mom)

 Me with my little flower girl (photo by Mom)

 Keeping the flower girl entertained while the bride gets ready (photo by Mom)

 Going to have pictures taken (photo by Mom)

Rachael and Scott opted to have all the wedding pictures taken before the ceremony. As we followed the photographer I started negotiating with Piper to get her pacifier. Trying get that thing away from her is no joke!

 The Bridal Party (photo by Mom)
We managed to trade the pacifier for the sparkly purse!

 The first look (photo on left by Mom, photo on right by Dad)

The Greensides and Pleva-Sides Families (photo by someone on my Dad's camera)

 The cutest flower girl in the world (photo by Dad)

Piper did an amazing job as flower girl! Paul told her not to throw the flower petals until she got to the grass. She followed directions and as soon as she stepped on to the grass, which was still quite a ways from the aisle, she dumped all the flower petals out! Paul managed to get a few back into the basket and Piper promptly ran to the photographer to show her what she had. As Paul pointed her down the aisle towards me, she threw her last handful of petals, saw me and started to skip her way down the aisle. Halfway down she stopped turned around and pointed to the flower petals, making sure everyone in the audience saw them. After I went to get her she stood up front with all the bridesmaids for about 3 minutes before she decided it was time to explore and I decided it was time for Paul to come get her. She did such a great job! It was so ridiculously cute!

 The Bridal Party (photo by Dad)

 Peek a Boo (photo by Dad)

 The vows and the sand ceremony (photos by Dad)

Mr. and Mrs. Greensides! (photo by Dad)

And the last few pictures from the reception were taken by my Aunt Kathy.

 The Kent Family, The Alexanders, Aunt Kathy and Paul, Gramma and Piper (photos by Kathy)

The Pleva-Sides Family (photo by Kathy)

Rachael and Scott had one of those photo booths that takes your picture with crazy props. We definitely had fun in there! 

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And a big CONGRATULATIONS to my new sister-in-law Rachael, she just graduated from her nurse practitioner program on Friday!


Marie said...

Your parents took AWESOME pictures!! And Piper is THE CUTEST. Congrats to your brother!

Rachael Greensides said...

Thank you Dawn! I am so honored and thrilled to be a part of the family! It was such an amazingly fun weekend! Love you guys!