Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!

It's the Super Family!

Halloween is the best holiday! Not only do we get to dress up as a family, but it is also Paul and my birthdays!

 Is this not the cutest little super girl you've ever seen?

 Super girl with Grace, Noah and Dorothy (neighbors)

We had two big Halloween events this year. The first was a trick or treat at the Embassy. It was just me and Piper for that so we went as Super Girl and Wonder Woman (yes, I had 2 costumes, it is my birthday after all). Piper and I flew to the Embassy in my invisible jet.

 Super girl riding a super pony

This was Piper's first real time trick or treating. She was scared of a few of the costumes, but once she figured out the people were giving out candy, she overcame her fear. She got a bag full of candy, which she was very excited to show everyone and tell them "what I get".  Being the mean mommy that I am, all I let her have was one lollipop.

 But boy did she enjoy that lollipop! She talked about it all night.

 Super girl fell asleep on the way home from the trick or treat!

On Halloween night there was a huge Trunk or Treat at the American International School. We signed up to pass out candy from our trunk. So we needed to decorate it appropriately!

There were over 200 kids that came through the parking lot trick or treating, it was chaos! But a lot of fun!

We let Piper have one more lollipop that she got from trunk or treating. She sat in the back of the car for at least 30 minutes sucking on that thing, happy as a clam!

"What is this wonderful, magical thing of sugar?"

So much fun to be able to still enjoy our favorite holidays all the way in South Africa!

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Marie said...

You guys are too cute and hilarious! Happy birthday to you both!

P.S. I love the look on Piper's face in the last picture. Epic.