Tuesday, November 4, 2014

2014 Trip to the US - Last Days in Arizona

Back to the US posts after a little Halloween break...

After the wedding we stayed a few more days in Arizona to hang out with Piper's Papa and Gramma. The Arizona Grand Resort we were staying at for the wedding had a water park with a big wave pool, a couple of water slides, and a lazy river float. We spent Sunday morning enjoying the warm weather and water. Piper had so much fun on the river float and in the big wave pool!

The day before we left we went to an Ostrich farm about an hour from Phoenix. (Kind of funny we came all the way from South Africa to feed ostriches, when we have them almost in our own backyard!)
Piper had so much fun feeding the animals. There were miniature donkey's, deer, ostriches, ducks, prairie dogs, goats, and lorikeets. 

We found a card for my dad that stated: 
Every zoo is a petting zoo. 
If you are confident enough. 

That is most definitely true for my dad! He showed Piper how to feed all the animals, even the ostriches, right next to the big sign saying Do Not Feed the Ostriches By Hand. If you ask Piper about the ostriches she will tell you a big story of how they bit her! She wasn't hurt, just shocked, and hey it makes a good story for her to share at play group. 

One evening we played in the fountain at the resort. Piper had a blast!

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Have I mentioned she's so cute and adorable? Because I can't say it enough. SHE'S SO CUTE!