Thursday, April 30, 2015

Madikwe with the Pleva Grandparents - Easter Fun

Our trip to Madikwe was over Easter weekend. This was Piper's third easter and we wanted to do the fun kiddie easter traditions - coloring easter eggs for the easter bunny to hide. We brought six boiled eggs and some food coloring with us and Saturday afternoon we had some colorful fun!

Piper's grandparents also brought Piper some "magic jelly beans" which she and her Grandpa planted in the evening. The following morning some amazing magic had occurred and the jelly beans grew into giant, colorful lollipops!

On Easter Sunday when we returned from Piper's little bumble safari drive, we discovered that the Easter Bunny had visited! He had left Piper an Easter basket with some goodies - a book about a cat that helps the easter bunny, a fuzzy bunny, and a harmonica. He had also hid all the eggs, the colored ones and some plastic ones with treats and stamps inside. She had a ton of fun finding all the eggs and surprises!

More adventures to come!

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