Saturday, May 2, 2015

Madikwe with the Pleva Grandparents - Fun at the Waterhole!

One of the reasons we keep going back to the Bush House in Madikwe is the waterhole and underground hide. It is AMAZING! The Bush House is an old farm house that has been converted into a beautiful lodge with six rooms. The house sits up on a very gentle sloping hill with a huge lawn overlooking a waterhole. It is fantastic to sit out on the veranda with a glass of wine and watch the elephants play in the water, or go down to the edge of the grass and watch them even closer. But to top even that, the Bush House built an underground hide at the waterhole so you can be right there in the middle of the action and get such a unique perspective unlike any you have had before.

Piper can't go on the main game drives as she is too young, which is another reason I love the waterhole. When everyone else is out on a game drive we can still be enjoying the animals that are visiting the lodge. And in the hide, we can get so close!

One morning the waterhole was extremely busy! Elephants, Kudu, Impala, Giraffes, Warthogs, and Zebra were all there at the same time trying to fit in and get a drink. The elephants were not pleased to have the others around and put on some great displays while trying to chase the other thirsty animals away.

The waterhole is quieter at night, well at least the night time hours we were awake, but we got a visit from a Rhino one evening.

More adventures to come!

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Marie said...

So cool! Such fantastic photos! Maybe there was something "special" in the water. ;)