Friday, July 24, 2015

Home Leave 2015! Whitewater, WI - 4th of July!

We had a truly American Fourth of July in Whitewater, WI! We went to the parade downtown, spent the afternoon swimming in the lake, did sparklers, watched to the fireworks, and had a huge camp fire! 

Piper and Kailey were so excited to be dressed in their 4th of July finest!

Front row seats for the parade!

This was an awesome parade, not only did they throw candy, they gave out water bottles, bubbles, popsicles, and even t-shirts! Piper loved the candy throwing. Everytime she saw a tractor she said "look mama, the farmer in the dell!" So cute!

The girls also had a great time with the sparklers (or as Piper called them "farklers")

And of course we had to have a campfire with smores! 

Once the kids were in bed, the boys decided it was time to put the citronella candle into the fire. It was quite impressive!

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Marie said...

That's it, I'm calling them farklers from now on too. Love her adorable outfit!