Saturday, July 25, 2015

Home Leave 2015! Whitewater, WI - Summer Summer!

More american summer fun in Wisconsin! 

It was so great for Piper to get to spend so much time with her cousins. She only gets to see them once a year and I'm so happy she loves being with them. She especially loves Kailey! (I think when Richie gets a bit older and is able to hold his own against the girls he'll also join the club)

From the moment they woke up in the morning, the two girls were attached to each other. Kailey would get Piper out of her pack and play by pulling her out, in Piper's words, "like a penguin!" If we went anywhere in the car, Kailey sat behind Piper (we rented a car with three rows) so they could see each other (Piper still sits backwards). They would sing songs together and tell each other stories. If one wanted to go swimming, they both wanted to go swimming. They played games together, colored together, read books together. When it was time for bed, Kailey helped get Piper ready and read her a story. They are the best buddies, I love it!

Helping Aunt Jenny feed the fish some worms

Worms are my least favorite invertebrates, I'll take spiders, beetles, other critters, any day over worms!

Kailey and Piper do not have the same worm phobia I have

Yesterday Piper was singing "Bring back, bring back, bring back my Kailey and Richie to me, to me! Bring back, Bring back, bring back my Piper and Kailey and Richie to meeeee!" Super cute!!!

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Marie said...

Omg love her pigtails! How cute! And agreed, worms are just downright gross.