Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Home Leave 2015! Scott and Rachael in Seattle!

A couple days after we arrived in Seattle, my brother showed up! Piper (and me too) was super excited to see her Uncle Scotty! We spent a day exploring more of Bainbridge Island - walking on the glacial beaches, collecting shells and rocks, and enjoying the warm sunshine. 

Exploring Fort Ward Park

Beautiful Bald Eagle with fish

A couple days after Scott arrived, Rachael was able to take a standby flight and visit for the weekend as well. When she arrived she surprised us with the news that Piper was getting a new cousin! Little baby Kirby is due in January and we are all super excited! With the whole family in Seattle we could now go and play tourist.

First stop on a beautiful Saturday morning - Pike's place market was insanely crowded! Everyone was surrounding the fish mongers, we could barely squeeze in to see if any fish were being thrown around (they weren't, at least not the few minutes we were there. I guess I could have bought one!).

Rachael and I had to have our photo taken in front of the original Starbucks. It was interesting to see, it had very different logos than the current starbucks that has taken over the world (although not here in South Africa). There was no need to stand in line, which was around the block, we could just walk up two blocks and go to a different starbucks to get our caffeine fix.

Paul and I ventured into Pike's Place Market to check out the gum wall. It was very colorful, but also very disgusting. Our feet stuck to the ground there was so much gum ground in.

Months ago we got tickets to see the Seattle Sounders vs. the Colorado Rapids while in Seattle. We met up with our friends Rinn and Peter (who are season ticket holders) and participated in the pre-game drinking and march to the stadium. It was so much fun, even though the Sounders didn't win.

Team spirit with Rinn and Peter!

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Marie said...

Seattle looks like so much fun! We still need to head out there ourselves.