Thursday, August 13, 2015

Home Leave 2015! Seattle Tourists!

A second day of having the whole family in town meant more tourist activities! Space Needle and Duck tour of Seattle! 

Riding the bus from the ferry terminal to the Space Needle

Waiting in line to go up up up!

This was our awesome Space Needle picture included with our ticket. Rachael was wearing a green shirt, so she blends in with the green screen cityscape!

Overlooking the city and sound with Papa

Lake Union with the Cascades and Mt. Baker in the distance

After taking in the view from above, we did the fun and touristy duck tour! Piper had her duck call and was ready to go! 

Obligatory family picture with the Duck

Honk, honk! I think Piper thought the duck was a roller coaster, she held her hands up for quite a while

The Duck tour covered a lot of ground in Seattle. It was really interesting to hear the stories and see all the sights. It also took us into Lake Union. Maybe because it was a Sunday afternoon, or maybe because it was such beautiful weather, but Lake Union was packed with boats, kayaks, paddleboarders, swimmers, and sea planes trying to find a place to land amongst them all. I thought it was chaos! 

After our adventures we went to the Crab Pot and ordered four pounds of crab legs. Not for everyone, just for Mom, Rachael, and myself. Yum. The restaurant was right next door to the carousel, so Piper and I took a ride.

Continuing to enjoy the amazing PNW weather (not sure those words were ever used in the same sentence before) Paul, Dad, Scott, Rachael and I rented kayaks and explored Elliot Bay on Bainbridge Island. We saw numerous Canadian Geese, one seal, and one Great White Shark (you don't believe me, look at the photos).

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Marie said...

The photo with the green sweater but showing the background is epic. :)