Monday, November 24, 2014

2014 Trip to the US - HallowThanksMas!

When we are living in the US, we have a tradition with the Pleva side of the family to get together for Thanksgiving and at the same time celebrate Christmas. We call it Thanksmas (or Turkmas). This year since we were home in October we decided to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all at the same time - HallowThanksMas

Paul's brother Bob designed a logo for the event and had it printed on T-shirts for all of us. Piper and I actually wear ours all the time here in South Africa, it's a very comfy shirt, and it confuses people, which is always fun! With all of us in our matching shirts we had to have a family photo!

Since we were celebrating Christmas there had to be presents! Kailey got some science experiment kits, and one can't do science experiments without proper eye protection. 

And since we were also celebrating Halloween, we had a very cute little piggy join us!

We also took the opportunity to go on some more hikes! Growing up in WI, Paul and his brothers hiked often in central and northern WI. We decided to return to one of the spots of their childhood hikes, Parfreys Glen, near Devil Lake State Park. Very nice hike with beautiful foliage. 

And we hiked a bit more around the cabin and Castle Rock Lake as well!

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Marie said...

So pretty! And that shirt is hilarious. :)