Saturday, August 15, 2015

Home Leave 2015! Pacific Northwest Safari

Piper is no stranger to safari's. She can identify an elephant, giraffe, kudu, etc. from a mile away. But american animals, more specifically the animals of the Pacific Northwest, those are new to her. So we took a trip down to the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. It was a really nice park with a large, 435 acre free-roaming space full of bison, elk, moose, caribou, deer, mountain goat, and bighorn sheep. We took a tram ride through this area to see all the animals. 

Waiting for the tram with Papa / Bighorn Sheep

Baby Bighorn Sheep


Female Elk



The Park was south, half way between Tacoma and Mt. Rainier. We got a great view of the mountain from the side of the road. I had to hop out and take a picture!

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Marie said...

Is it just me or is she growing super fast? Fantastic pictures as always!