Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 Trip to the US - A Cabin in the Woods

I mentioned how much I loved the cabin we rented, right? It had a loft space that was full of age appropriate toys. Enough to keep all the kids entertained and happy, ages 9 months to 6 years old! 

Cousin Richie fighting sleep so he can play with his big cousins just a little bit longer!

Piper's favorite activity in her favorite seat!

There was even an exersaucer at the cabin that Richie had a lot of fun with

Look at that face! I just want to squeeze those cheeks!

Dog pile on the grandparents!

One rainy afternoon we decided to have some indoor fun and so we bought some pumpkins for carving. Kailey drew her jack-o-lantern face on her pumpkin for her mom to carve out, while Piper had fun just drawing on her pumpkin. 

The Plevasides Bat Family!

Being so close to the Wisconsin Dells, we had to go! And we had to do it right. So a ride on the Wisconsin Ducks seemed fitting. Piper thought it was pretty cool to be in a car that was also a boat!

We also found a place for Piper to dig in the dirt and find rocks (one of her favorite things). The ambiance wasn't quite what I had imagined, being in the middle of a jewlery store with a very cranky person working there. But we bought a bucket of sand and Piper found a whole bag full of colorful rocks!

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Marie said...

Can I just say I absolutely love your batman tshirts? So cute! AND awesome. :)