Monday, August 17, 2015

Home Leave 2015! Booze and Fish Ladders

Very close to where we were staying on Bainbridge Island was the Bainbridge Organic Distillery. They make organic Vodka, Whiskey, and Gin. Our friends Kathleen and John (you might remember them from earlier in the year - they are our crazy, extreme athlete friends that are on a multi-year tour of the world. They stayed with us in South Africa for a while.) are on a break from their world tour and staying in Seattle at Kathleen's mom's house. So they managed to hop on over to Bainbridge for a night and we all went and visited the Distillery. 

Even Piper got in on the tasting (j/k!)

After the tasting, Paul and I went home with a bottle of Gin and Vanilla Vodka! Packed it up snuggly in our suitcases and it is now being enjoyed here in South Africa!

After our day of drinking, we decided to get back to exploring. We drove the car across the ferry, which is a bit of a process, and visited the Chittenden Locks and Fish Ladder. It was our only rainy day, but we pretended we were locals and enjoyed the drizzle.

We saw some really nice (read - expensive!) boats going through the locks 

And enjoyed seeing the Salmon heading up the locks on the start of their spawning process

From the Locks we went North of Seattle to the Boeing Factory and did a factory tour. There were no phones, cameras, or electronics of any kind allowed, so no pictures of the factory. The factory itself is the largest building, by volume, in the world. We saw 747s, 777s, and the dreamliners being built. It was quite impressive.

No pictures inside the factory, but here are my two favorite people outside the factory!

Piper also got her first haircut (just a trim) while were in Bainbridge. After watching my mom cut her hair, I realized it looks pretty simple and I think I can probably do it myself next time! Sorry Piper!

Piper with her Gramma and Papa!

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Marie said...

Omg I think these pictures are my absolute favorites! The photo of the three of you and the one with your parents need to be framed. ASAP!